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C.A.A. promotes artists also through this website; where they contribute with a seasonal cover.
Artists are invited on the occasion of fairs, exhibitions and other events.
Since spring 2015, covers were made by


Lucia Leuci

Lepre lunare, 2010. Wood, metal, stone, mirror, plexiglas, plastic, shell, embroidery floss, 100x37x25 cm. Courtesy of the artist

on the occasion of miart (Milan, 2015)

and her special project Rose's Portrait at The Art Markets (Milan, 2015)






















Namsal Siedlecki

Group show, 2014. Clay, oil on canvas, acrilic on canvas, variable dimensions. Courtesy of the artist

on the occasion of Art Basel (Basel, 2015)
his participation to the exhibition STILL-LIFE Remix at Antinori Art Project (Florence, 2015)

and to the exhibition Limited Liability Corporation at Frankfurt am Main (Berlin, 2015)




















Diego Marcon

The head shot / The trench (Dick the Stick's saga), 2015. Pre-spaced monometric vinyl stickers, variable dimensions; and Interlude (introducing Dick the Stick), 2014. Animation on paper, color, sound, 1' 57''; View of the installation at Villa Croce (Genova, 2015), photo: Nuvola Ravera. Courtesy of the artist

on the occasion of FIAC (Paris, 2015)

his participation to the exhibitions Art Situacions curated by Maria & Lorena Martinez de Corral, Ilaria Gianni and Vicente Todoli at Museo Villa Croce (Genova, 2015) and at MACRO (Rome, 2015)

to the video screening Screening Fall '15 at Almanac Inn (Turin, 2015)

and his exhibition FRANTI, FUORI! curated by Martina Angelotti at Carof (Milan, 2015)



















Sara Enrico

RGB (skin), 2012-2015. Digital print on polyester, foam, 20x180x20 cm. Courtesy of the artist

on the occasion of her participation to the choral project Susy Culinski & friends by Beatrice Marchi at Fanta Spazio (Milan, 2016)

and to 60. Premio Termoli curated by Anna Daneri (Termoli, 2016)
























Alessandro Di Pietro

AZATN - PROPS, 2015. Detail of installation view at CAB - Centre d'Art Bastille, Grenoble. Courtesy of the artist

on the occasion of Frieze (New York, 2016) and miart (Milan, 2016)

and his participation to Going digital? Images, data and disciplinary imaginaries, with a film projection and conversation, at Istituto Svizzero (Rome, 24 March 2016)

to the exhibition (NOT) So Close curated by Davide Giannella at Residenza Casarotto (Bergamo, May 2016)

and to the 62nd International Short Film Festival Oberhausen (5-10 May 2016)





















Benni Bosetto

PRETTY-VIBES, 2016. Acrylic on wall, acrylic on skin suit. Detail of installation view at Pavilion des Indes, Ville de Courbevoie. Courtesy of the artist

on the occasion of her solo show Florida at TILE Project Space (Milan, September-October 2016)

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